Compliments, feedback or a complaint

Please note that you should contact us separately and submit a cancellation request to be considered for release from your accommodation contract due to extenuating circumstances.

To request repairs or report something that isn't working correctly in your accommodation, please follow the Maintenance process for your accommodation so the on-site team can respond as quickly as possible.

Tell us how we're doing

It's important that you let us know what we're doing well and tell us about any issues you need our help to resolve.

Who did you book your accommodation with?

If you booked accommodation with NTU, you can use our online forms to share a compliment or raise a concern about your experience in UPP or NTU-managed halls.

If you booked directly with a private provider or landlord, we have some helpful advice about what steps you can take to resolve any issues with your accommodation. However we do recommend that you report issues directly to your landlord or residence staff - so they can understand any problems fully and respond quickly.

You're not logged in

If you're a current NTU student, please log in to the Accommodation portal first.

This way we know who you are and how to get in contact with you. You will also receive automatic updates via the system.